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Wildlife in the Outer Hebrides

Both Lewis and Harris have an abundance of wildlife, from Sea Eagles and rare Corncrakes to Basking Sharks and Otters. Keep an eye out for Red Deer, often seen across the moorland roads, but well camouflaged.

Bird Watching

It isn’t unusual to see aerial battles between Hooded Crows and Golden Eagles, the latter surprisingly coming off worst. There are also White Tailed, or Sea Eagles on the west coast, a stunning although rarer sight. There are so many varieties of birds including summer and winter migrants, three hundred and twenty-seven species of birds have been recorded in the Western Isles.

Buzzards, curlew, dunlin, gulls, snipe, redshank, robin, wheatear and wrens are amongst the more common birds. Seabirds include Gannets, it’s wonderful to watch them diving,  everyone’s favourite, Puffins, Fulmars, Terns, Divers, Guillemots, Razorbills, Shearwaters and several species of Ducks.

Whale and Dolphin spotting.

Although it is possible to spot marine mammals from almost anywhere along our coastline the best chance you have is from Tiumpan Head Lighthouse (Eye Peninsula) you can watch Risso’s and white-beaked dolphins, along with harbour porpoises and minke whales, with some sightings year-round depending on weather and sea conditions.  Take the steep path to the top of the hill for the best vantage point.  If you are lucky you might meet up with one of the Whale and Dolphin Trust ‘watchers’ who can give you lots of info on ‘what’s about’.



Island Otter

Mallard Ducks

Oyster Catcher