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Production History of Harris Tweed

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The Outer Hebrides is the home of Harris Tweed.  This iconic fabric is still hand woven in the homes of crofters and villagers across the islands.

Machine for Hand Weaving Fabric

Harris Tweed Weaving

The Dunmore family who were the proprietors of Harris about the time of the 1846 famine (failure of the potato crop) were among the leading people who were largely instrumental in encouraging the establishment of a tweed industry in the Hebrides when they induced the crofters to produce a cloth suitable for a fashionable market. This cloth, of a rough home spun type, proved to be the foundation of our great Harris Tweed industry as we know it today.

Today Harris Tweed graces catwalks across the world and is used by interior designers for bespoke furniture and curtains in the best boutique hotels. Nowadays there isn’t much you can’t buy in Harris Tweed, from dog collars to iPad covers, Nike shoes to lampshades; and as mentioned it is still hand woven in the islands.  Only Harris Tweed can display the iconic globe trademark.

Visit the mills or Harris Tweed weavers who will be happy to give you a demonstration on how to make this iconic fabric.

Harris Tweed Authority
Harris Tweed Exhibition Centre

Harris Tweed Mills

The Carloway Mill
Kenneth MacKenzie Mill
Harris Tweed Hebrides (Shawbost Mill)